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Justine Chapura Education

You have this dream that you are the premiere, go to floral studio in your town.  You are on your way to this new life, but you have a few roadblocks along the journey.

I began my floral story over 25 years ago in a small flower shop in a small, family-owned flowers shop in my hometown in Nottingham, England.

I remember what it was like to start a business, the struggles of owning a small business, and pitfalls of growing a successful business. With a five hundred dollar beginning investment I created a thriving floral studio and recently purchased a dream building at a time when many businesses were closing.

The combination of my experience as a highly successful, award-winning business owner, an elementary and middle school art teacher, as well as a floral educator make me the perfect person to coach you in your floral journey.



One-on-One Mentoring

I love to teach.  The one-on-one mentoring program is tailored to your specific needs whether that be design, marketing and or pricing for profit.  With a joyful perspective and encouraging style you'll feel at ease and confident growing your business.


Group Worshops

Our brand new to us (historic) building provides a beautiful setting for our hands on design workshops. You'll have the opportunity to hone your design skills and move from budding florist to blossoming designer in a fun atmosphere with me as your guide.


Online Courses

We would love to have everyone come and join me in person, however we know that's not always possible. I offer a comprehensive collection of design courses so you can learn and grow at your own pace from the luxury of your own space.


Group Coaching

My love of education and sharing knowledge is also offered to a small group of learners who prefer the experience of working as a team and who are open to learning in a group setting.


Just In Three Days

Sometimes you just learn from getting your hands dirty.  If you're interested in finding out what a real wedding looks like from design to installation this opportunity is for you. Because our event schedule is so full, we offer only a few dates each year for three days of intensive studio time, portfolio building, personal coaching, real life experience. 


Facebook Community

If you just aren't ready to dive in headfirst I offer weekly tips, videos and information in a public and private Facebook group

Beginner Florist Group, Just Bloomin' Brilliant (public)

Just Bloomin' Brilliant (private)

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